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It's late 2010, Mr. Jones (Jonas Uittenbosch) leans back into his studio chair, puts his feet on the desk and makes a sigh of relief. He just wrapped up a listening session of his productions and feels the time has come to step into the game.

"You just cannot simply develop your own sound in a few months and expect miracles to happen, it cannot be done, because at first, after getting the hang of the technique you will sounds like anyone else, especially these days with pre­fabricated sound libraries all over the net. For me it just doesn't work that way and I needed to make my own library, as you need to stand out more than ever", Jones says.

His first move is to attend the brutally honest Amsterdam Dance Event Demolition Panel, where he gets instantly noticed by techno mammoth Dave Clarke who gives Jones his first airplay on his radio show. For six months straight, Jones provides his Radio show with a brand new track every week that makes the cut, making him the techno artist with most airplay on Dutch National Radio at the time while still being unsigned. There's even a buzz going on Twitter, saying that Mr. Jones is an alias of Dave Clarke himself (who hasn't made music in almost a decade at that point). But that is not the case, it's all this one kid from Haarlem.

Of course, now the labels come running for Jones. He starts to release on The Public Stand, DSNT, HeavyReel and Afro Acid (Acid inventor Dj Pierre's imprint) and artists like BLACKASTEROID, Audio Injection and Ben Sims line up to remix his music. But end of 2011 it gets quiet, his Soundcloud account is quiet for weeks. It turns out it's Dave Clarke who is responsible for the dry spell. Mr. Jones got an invite to come down to his secret new studio in Amsterdam. The Baron and Jones bond easily and the two agree to form a new production unit "Unsubscribe". It's a remix project at first, reworking music from BLACKASTEROID, Detroit's Octave One, Phil Kieran, Boys Noize, the legendary John Foxx (Ultravox) and many more. Dave Clarke even states in the press that Jones brought him back the joy of being the studio again. Their first original single was done soon after, called Spek Hondje (featuring Chicago MC Bear Who), released on Fabric London's offspring label Houndstooth.

The festival and club programmers take notice as well and Jones earns himself spots at Awakenings Festival, Mysteryland, Fabrik, Perron, Napoli and The Melkweg during ADE. Even Holland's biggest selling hip hop act "De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig", (who are known to attend the occasional techno event) ask Jones to remix the first single of their new album "De Formule". They give him four days to convert a hip hop festival anthem into stone cold techno. Jones off course, doesn't crack under pressure and delivers, yet again.

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