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Territory: World exclusive

What to mention in a bio that has not been exaggerated or lied about?

Let’s stick to some facts:

Born: 1984
Length: 1.85
Weight: 73 kg (May fluctuate during festival season)
Hair colour: Blond
Music: Techno / House
Released on: Ovum / Pokerflat / Get Physical / Rejected a.o.
Played on: Parties mostly
Hobbies: Music / Gear / Gear / Gear / Love

Further description:

You won’t find Wouter de Moor on every possible (after) party, nor will you see him posting one Facebook status after another, boasting about “amazing vibes” or “bomb tracks”. The love he has for the scene is of a more profound kind.

Most of his days are spent in a small room that is filled to the brim with (classic) drum machines, synthesizers, compressors, filters, and other sound toys. This is a habit he probably picked up from friend and mentor Steve Rachmad, Amsterdam’s number one techno pioneer. His preference for strong, pure sounds and an honest, artisanal approach to music also shows in the 2013 Pokerflat Recordings track ‘Lectures’, featuring some of Theo Parrish’s words about music. Against all odds the legend himself cleared and endorsed the use of this vocal part.

As a DJ, Wouter walks the line between the techno from his roots, and more house oriented tracks, as long as the music answers to his need for the pure and straight forward approach mentioned above. His schedule entails the complete Dutch circuit, spiked with excursions to Fabric London, Ibiza, Goa, South Korea, Belgium, Berlin, etc.

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